If you or our your child attended college last year, you Must have a 1098-T form to claim education credits.  Many College offer these forms online.  

​Increased Child Tax Credit

If you have forms on your phone that you do not have paper copies PLEASE forward them to:

If you are adding a dependent or are new, Please have ID & Social Security Cards.

Residential credit is back for EVERYONE!! 

Even if you maxed out in the past. You can now qualify for new credit. Up to 30% of qualified expenses. Windows, Doors, Outside Insulation, furnace, and Hot water Heater.  Up to $1200 credit per year. No Lifetime limit.

Solar and Geo Thermo qualify for more.

Please Note:

If you received unemployment this last year, you Must have your 1099-G form from the State of Michigan. 

IRS increased Earned Income credit, Additional child Tax Credit, Standard Deductions and more! 

State of Michigan has increased Earned Income Credit From 6% of Federal to 30%.

​What is New

​If you received payments from cash app, e-bay, amazon or any other online payment apps/websites you will receive a 1099-K for any payments over $20,000.  If you do not report income on your return, you may have to Amend Your Return at additional fees.  The threshold goes to $5000 in 2024 and $600 in 2025.

What You Must Have

If you have Market Place insurance you must have your 1095-A form.  If you have insurance through your Workplace or Medicaid you do not need your 1095-B or 1095-C.

If you made a withdrawal from a 401K you must have your 1099-R Form.

We accept Cash or Check.  We do not take Credit/debit cards.

Our fee Can be taken from return with additional bank fee. 

​With NO upfront cost.

You must have all your W2 forms.  We must make a copy of it .  We can not use last paychecks. 


There is a Bill that changes the Additional Child Tax Credit. It has passed in the House but still has to pass the Senate.  If it passes after your file, the IRS will fix your return and send you the extra money.

You don't have to wait to file!